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Remote Car Starter System 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Whether you’re inside the house, your office, or at a restaurant enjoying a warm meal, a remote car starter is an innovative device that lets you start your vehicle albeit from a distance.

The best part is that it’s a versatile device that can be programmed to perform other functions related to automobiles. For instance, you can use it to warm up your car in the cold season or cool the interior of your car on that hot summer day.

If you’re looking for the best remote car starters, the selection may not be easy due to a plethora of products on the market. In our review, we’ve narrowed down the five top brands. Let’s get started.

What Are Remote Car Starters?

Remote starters are advanced devices that you can use to start your vehicle from a defined radius or range. They are portable, and you can use them to execute commands on your vehicle even when absent. Some of the functions include igniting the engine, locking or unlocking the door, and controlling the temperature in your vehicle.

Some cars may come fitted with these devices; however, the majority of the vehicles require installation which is done by a professional mechanic. Due to their enhanced security features, these gadgets are in high demand, and every car owner wants to have them installed in their vehicle.

Top 5 Brands Of Remote Starters


Crimestopper RS7-G5 

Get the Best Remote Car Starter system


  • Long-range
  • Two-way mechanism
  • Cools/warms the car
  • Keyless entry
  • Thirty-one programmable features

If you’re looking for a remote starter system for your vehicle, you can consider the Crimes Stopper. This remarkable device has all the unique features in one product.

First off it’s a long-range device and uses a two-way mechanism to give you feedback that your command has been executed without delay. With this gadget, you don’t need to walk back to your car to confirm everything is in order as long as you’re within a 3000ft radius.

Another incredible aspect of this device is that it can warm your vehicle during winter and cool it on a hot summer day.

What we love about Crime Stoppers is the versatility that lets you start your car, open the door, lock/unlock, and release its trunk.

Other features allow for flexibility on any type of vehicle and these include auxiliary-data outputs, keyless entry, and thirty-one programmable functions. All these boost the efficiency of your device and its overall performance.

Lastly, Crime Stopper is a universal product that can work on automatic as well as manual transmission automobiles.


  • Long-range
  • Two-way
  • Universal
  • Affordable
  • Keyless function
  • Easy to use


  • Most users complain of its short use

Avital 4105L 

Top 5 remote car starters


  • Long-range
  • Zone-Impact sensor
  • Fault-proof
  • One way
  • Anti-alarm false

If you’re on a budget, your choices of high-end remote car starters may be limited. However, that is not to mean that you shouldn’t install a security device even with limited resources. The Avital strikes a balance as a reasonably priced remote car starter yet at an unbelievably low price. 

The Avital comes will all the tweaks of a modern device which enables you to start your vehicle from a distance. That’s not all, it’s highly versatile, and you can use it to lock or unlock the vehicle with a range of 1.5 miles. 

What matters most is your convenience, and the Avital can also trunk release, which makes it a highly valuable product. Fair warning; installation is a breeze; however, it’s essential to allow a professional to do the job to protect your vehicle from probable damage.

Another feature we find worth mentioning is the fault-proof system that’s a highly advanced anti-theft function. In contrast, the Zone-Impact sensor will detect any impact or blow to your automobile, and the vehicle alerts by blaring the siren.   

It comes with NPC, which is an acronym for Nuisance Prevention Circuitry, and is generally an anti-false alarm feature. 


  • Affordable
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Remote controlled
  • Easy to install


  • It’s one way

Compustar CS920-S  with 1000-ft Range

Remote Car Starter--Compustar model


  • Two way
  • Long-range
  • Four buttons
  • GPS tracking
  • Smartphone Compatibility
  • Automatic transmission

Thieves can cause you immeasurable loss and inconvenience if they get their hands on your car. Luckily, you don’t have to wait until that time when your vehicle is broken into just because you’re planning to buy an expensive remote starter.  

Grab the reasonably priced Compustar model which also doubles as a reliable device with exceptional performance.  

What sets this device from others is the host of features that include a keyless entry function which gives you the convenience of starting your vehicle from a distance. Also, it a two-way system and can obey command within a radius of 1000 feet. 

This 4-button remote is easy to install and even better, you can set it up on a diesel engine car. We love innovativeness of this device since it can pair with smartphones for convenience and has GPS-tracking features. 

The most obvious advantage of this device is that it’s designed for an automatic transmission vehicle. However, we’re not a fan of the fact that you can’t use it on a manual vehicle.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Good value
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Versatile device
  • Easy to install
  • Long-range


  • Not universal but limited to automatic transmission vehicles.

Viper  5305V

Viper - keyless entry system


  • Short-range
  • 2-way system
  • Interactive LCD screen
  • Keyless
  • False start
  • Guard shock sensor

If you’re looking for a device that can start your car’s engine even from a range of ¼ of a mile, the Viper is a good bargain that fits the description.

As a two-way remote start system, you’ll get instant feedback every time you execute a command. Hence, you’ll be at peace knowing that your car has locked or unlocked even at a distance.

Some smart features make this product a valuable investment. For instance, it comes loaded with a four-button LCD screen that allows for convenience. Other features include keyless entry and compatibility with your smart devices.

Besides being highly interactive, the screen has a backlit feature which makes it possible to use even in darkness.

Other features such as the guard-shock sensor, siren, false-start, ESP2, D2D ports and status LED are made with your vehicle’s security in mind. 

With Viper, you’ll benefit from the best technology so that you’re in total control of your automobile as long as you’re within a suitable radius.


  • Reliable and high performance
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Good quality and value for money
  • Two way remote
  • Guard shock sensor


  • The range is not long enough

Python 5706P   

fire up your engine with remote starters


  • Two-way system
  • Compatible with smart devices
  • Text, icons, tones, or vibration notifications
  • Temperature control

A vehicle is a valuable investment that requires the best security installation. As a car owner, you shouldn’t wait up to when someone breaks or steals your vehicle to install a security device. For this reason, we recommend the Python remote car starter, which comes at a great price and outstanding features.

This device allows you to start your engine by simply pushing the button after which, you’ll get confirmation that the command has been executed. It works within a radius of one mile from where your vehicle is located.

This device is multi-functional and universal, meaning that you can use it on a manual or automatic transmission vehicle.

It’s a smart remote starter that is compatible with smartphones and other devices. Hence you can receive notifications via text, icon, tones or vibration as it executes commands.   

Whether it’s winter when it can get really cold or summer when the sun is scorching the earth, this device will regulate the temperature in your vehicle.

Overall, it’ one of the best options which will let you enjoy the latest technology and convenience.


  • Keyless entry
  • Long-range
  • Long-range
  • Good quality


  • Not easy to install
  • Expensive

Types Of Remote  Starters

Factory system

Most vehicles come fitted with remote starter systems right from the manufacturer. However, these have limits in terms of features and range of transmission. For instance, your car must be within a certain radius for them to function.


These are more effective and deliver wider transmission. They have a wide variety of features like LCDs, USB charging ports, and waterproof properties. Others are equipped with sensors and superior security systems that easily detect impacts on your car or theft.

Hand-held remote system

These are independent devices that feature a hand-held car starter that lets you start your car from far. The remote has buttons that you need to press, and this ignites the engine. The transmitters are tiny objects that you can put in a pocket, bag, or wallet.

Smartphone remote control system

This is a smart system that can connect seamlessly with your smartphone or any other smart gadget like a tablet. The first step is to download the app from the Play store. Once it’s been activated, you can use your device to start the car. This option has two-way features, and this means it receives your car’s data on the smartphone. For instance, you can get information that your car’s engine is running.

What Do I Need  A Remote Start System In My Car?

Before you set off to buy a  starter system for your car, it’s crucial to have all the crucial details about your car at your fingertips, such as the make and the model. With these in mind, then you can pick the best system that’s compatible with the make of your car.

Additionally, you can contact your car’s manufacturer to establish if it will function in your vehicle or not.

Read through the instruction and in particular the packaging box to get the contact address of your car’s manufacturer or seller. It’s vital so that in case you’re stuck during installation, you can call customer service to make enquiries.

Lastly, only buy a remote starter that will support your car’s anti-theft system and one that will guarantee you the security of your vehicle.

Key Features Of Remote Car Starter System

When shopping for a remote starter for your vehicle, the following are the vital features to consider.



The range is the distance between this starter and the exact location of your vehicle. A short-range would mean the vehicle’s proximity is closer to you, whereas a long-range means your car is at a far location. Typically, a long-range is desirable since you can monitor your vehicle from anywhere without minding the distance.


Keyless Feature

A keyless feature is a favorite option with the majority of car owners. However, it can be problematic to use it in a new car, and it’s crucial to engage a professional before you buy it.


Engine Sensors

A sensor is a built-in feature of the remote control that helps in detecting your car’s engine. The remote starter should be compatible with the engine.


One Way Remote Control Starter

This system employs one-way communication between the remote starter and your car. When you push the button on your remote control, the vehicle will receive the command so long as you are within operating range. It has no feedback to allow you to know if the command was successfully executed or not.


Two-way remote control starter

This system communicates with the vehicle to deliver command, and in return, your vehicle communicates back to the remote control to confirm the action taken. With the feedback, you can get to know if the starting was successful or not. Also, communication is instant and is available in five to ten seconds.

Benefits Of Having A Remote Starter For Your Car

Below here are the benefits of installing a remote starter for your vehicle.

  • Comfort: The best remote starters for cars allow you to start your vehicle from a comfortable location. They enhance your user experience, especially when opening and locking doors. It gives you some sense of assurance that your vehicle is secure.
  • Warm the car: In winter snow or ice may block the lighting system in your car and interfere with good visibility. For your safety, you can use the car starter system to warm your car so that the windows become clear. Additionally, it’s important to warm the car engine first before driving for it to last long. A remote control starter allows you to warm your car before you start driving.
  • Boost your car’s resale value: It adds value to your car. If you live in extremely hot or cold areas, a temperature control system is necessary, and vehicles fitted with remote starters are in high demand.

How Does A Remote Starter Work?

A remote starter is a vital device that uses radio frequency to function. It comes fitted with a control box that connects to the ignition switch of your car. It also connects to other starting mechanisms depending on the model of your vehicle.

For the remote starter to function, it must be compatible with the make of your car. Secondly, when you press the ignition button, the signal is sent to the box. After that, it activates the system and then starts the engine. It’s important to note that a radio signal will only work with a specific vehicle and not any other.

How To Avoid Auto Theft With Remote Starter?

A remote car starter is a useful device that enables you to start your car from far within a certain radius. It boosts your car’s security, and most often it functions as an auto-theft unit for your vehicle.

It’s vital to protect your keyless entry from falling into the wrong hands at all times. On the same note, it can be heart-wrenching to find your car broken into. For you to prevent such scenarios, it’s essential to take these precautions.

  1. Keep your car keys safe at all times and away from the doors or windows where one can get quick access and carry them away.
  2. If you’re in an office or a place, keep them in a safe box where there’s no access to anyone but you. Keeping your keys in the pocket is risky as they may fall or you may fall in the hands of pickpockets, especially in crowded areas.
  3. You should have spare keys for the vehicle and deposit them in a safe place for safety where only authorized people are allowed.
  4. Use a signal-blocking pouch to stop access to your vehicle. It blocks the car key bog from transmitting its code to the vehicle since it is in line with metallic layers that block the signal.
  5. Where it’s possible to switch off the wireless signal do it for safety but only if it’s available from the manual.
  6. Thieves are now equipped with advanced technology and access your vehicle even when the remote control is in your pocket. Take extra measures to improvise the security system with a wheel lock or a car alarm. Though it may appear outdated, it is an added advantage and will put you in a better place as far as the safety of your vehicle is concerned.
  1. Reprogramming the key is necessary if you buy a used vehicle.  The current data may have landed in the wrong hands, and your car may not have guaranteed security. Change all the data settings and make sure you get all the sets of keys and if not available, have the available ones reset by a qualified person whom you can trust.Remote Car Starters Reviews

Tips/Things To Consider When Buying A Remote Starter For Your Car

When looking for a remote starter system, you are likely to be faced with challenges, especially if you’re not specific or know what exactly you’re searching for. With little information, you’re more likely to buy a device that will not work in your car.

We have sliced up the things to consider when buying a remote starter for your car. Read on.

  1. Range

Avoid buying a starter with a short-range as it will limit you when it comes to operating your car remotely from a certain distance.

  1. Sensor speed

Check the speed at which the engine speed sensing mechanism connects with the remote starter. The slow sensor means a low start of the engine which can cause the engine to fail to start due to coldness

  1. Security

The security of your vehicle should be the first item on the table when installing a car starter. Ensure your product selection has an advanced security system that is compatible with the model of your car.

  1. Warranty

A starter with a warranty gives you the confidence that your product has a guarantee from the manufacturer and you can return if things don’t go as planned.

  1. Keyless Entry

Some additional features will boost your overall user experience with the remote starter system. These include a keyless entry which makes it easier to lock or unlock the doors from afar. Also, you can use it to ignite the engine.

  1. Type

The starters have two classifications one way or two ways. A one way will not give feedback on the command you make. On the other hand, a two way will deliver feedback immediately it picks the signal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a remote starter damage your vehicle?

There is no one-size-fits-all situation since different types of car starters have different functionalities which can be confusing especially for beginners.

Several reasons can make a starter to damage your car. One of them is getting the wrong type for the make of your car.

Can a remote starter be added to any car?

If your car model is compatible, you can add a remote starter at a later stage even if the manufacturer omitted the installation. It may cost some extra bucks to hire an expert; but, it helps in protecting the value of your vehicle.

How long will your car starter battery last?

The good thing about these devices is that batteries can last long and as a car owner, it gives you some peace of mind.
A high-quality battery can last between three to four years before you think of replacing it with a new one.

How long would it take to install a remote car starter?

There’s no specific time that it would take to install a car starter. It can depend on the make of the vehicle and your installation skills. A professional mechanic can connect the device within three hours or even less.

How much would you spend on installing a  car starter system?

Again, it’s vital to keep in mind that different remote car starters have different installation costs. The cost of installation will boil down to the value of your device since you wouldn’t buy a highly-priced model and allow a beginner to install it.

Can you install a remote starter yourself?

Unless you’re an experienced mechanic, it’s not possible to install without expertise. Although you may have some little knowledge, it’s essential to consult a professional to prevent damage to your vehicle. Installation of the best remote starters for cars requires high skills and experience.


From our review, it’s evident that this starter is not a luxury item but is one of the essential car devices. They have more features as this will enhance your user experience. You get to enjoy the use of many commands, and it improves the security of your vehicles.

When shopping, it’s essential to consider all the factors wholesomely to pick the most suitable device to suit your demands and convenience. When ready, you can monitor your vehicle from a distance rather than walk out every time to check whether it’s in order. Be safe and buy the best remote starters for cars out there.

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