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Best Dash Cam For 2020 (Dashboard Camera)

A dashcam is also known as a dashboard or digital video camera that drivers use to record events while on the road. It captures everything at the front, rear, or sides of your car and stores it for future reference. There are two types of cameras; the single and dual dashcam.

You can mount a dash cam on your car’s dashboard or the sides to record the events on the outside. Besides, it also captures the happenings in your car.

It can also serve as a security device since the data is retrievable and accurate. If you’d like the best dash cam for cars, we have done the research, and here you’ll find everything you need for hassle-free shopping. Let’s get started.

How Does A DashCam Work?

A dashcam will respond and turn on as soon as you ignite the engine. It’s an automatic action, and at this point, it video records the happening as you drive and after, turning off the engine, it halts the recording.

Its recording is continuous, and every clip can last for three minutes upon which the data is captured in a micro-SD card.

Likewise, it can also be used for surveillance when the vehicle is not running or when the engine is turned off. With more advanced cameras that feature parking mode, you can activate it even when the engine is not running.

Top 5 best dash cams for cars


GARMIN dash cam 55

Best dash cam


  • Small size
  • High resolution
  • WIFI capability
  • Voice control

If your car has a small windscreen, a small and less sophisticated dash cam will serve the need. Garmin is a device rich in features and will fit all your description.

The gadget is one of the best dashcam for cars with a high-resolution camera that can clearly capture the events, even when the light is not so bright. It will alert you to the obstacles ahead and advise you to stick to your lane and avoid a collision.

You’re unlikely to break the law on over speeding as the device alerts you of speed cameras ahead to enable you to reduce speed and follow strict traffic rules.

It can detect impacts and will alert you on where and when an event occurred in total accuracy.

With the voice control feature, it enables you to do commands such as start and stop the recordings where necessary when to capture a picture or stop doing a particular action.

It is a fantastic device that you can use to record and download the video recordings into your smartphone. The information or video captured is easily shared with other people or devices at your convenience.


  • Small size
  • Efficient
  • Good value
  • Voice command
  • WIFI connection
  • Clear footage


  • Single-channel

Dashcam NEXTBASE 312GW

Dashcam NEXTBASE 312GW


  • Single Channel
  • WIFI enabled
  • High-resolution picture mode
  • G-sensor

When looking for the best camera for your vehicle, you would go for one with many features. This device can achieve many functions and will meet all your needs. Next base dash cam will watch over your car as you drive by recording all the events.

It has a quality resolution camera that captures clear pictures and is WIFI enabled to transfer the data to other devices.

It has super lenses that can capture a wide view ahead, ensuring recording of events with utmost accuracy and promptly.

Easy to install, this gadget has a magnetic feature that enables you to fix the windshield. With this device, you’ll track your vehicle and know its exact location.

You can also know when the vehicle is not moving and at which location it has stalled.

The internal memory is massive, with a storage space of 32GB, which is large enough to record events up to almost 4 hours.

One more thing, it can detect obstacles and lock such data for future usage.


  • WIFI enabled
  • High-resolution picture mode
  • G-sensor
  • Easy to set up
  • Accurate
  • Good value


  • Single-channel




  • Dual-channel
  • WIFI enabled
  • Clarity
  • Wide-range coverage

If you’re looking for the best dash cam for cars that can capture the happenings in front and at the rear of your car, then choose Think Ware.

This remarkable device is a perfect example of a dual dashcam. What this means is that it can capture incidences from the front and the rear of your car. It utilizes a wide view angle with the highest degree of accuracy and clarity.

This remarkable device is a perfect example of a dual dashcam. What this means is that it can capture incidences from the front and the rear of your car. It utilizes a wide view angle with the highest degree of accuracy and clarity.

The gadget will continue to operate for up to 3 days to keep surveillance of the happenings long after the engine has been switched off.

It is capable of detecting impact when the vehicle remains unattended and will detect anything that was in motion when your vehicle is in parking mode.

It will help you to capture any break-ins into your vehicle as well as the image of the person involved.

The detectors will go to sleep and wake up when there’s an impact or something or somebody moves near. In this way, battery power is saved when there is no activity.


  • Dual-channel
  • WIFI enabled
  • Clear picture
  • Wide range coverage
  • Good value


  • Expensive




  • WIFI-enabled
  • 32GB of RAM
  • Internal sensor

When looking for a high resolution and high-speed dashcam, which can record clear images even at night, you can consider BLACKVUE dual dash cam.

It’ll serve in the front and rear areas of your vehicle by capturing every happening and storing it in its 32GB data storage bank.

This remarkable device is a perfect example of a dual dashcam. What this means is that it can capture incidences from the front and the rear of your car. It utilizes a wide view angle with the highest degree of accuracy and clarity.

After capture, the data is stored from where you can transfer through WIFI to other storage devices to free the camera’s memory and store it for future use.

This device features a detector to sense an impact and any movements near your vehicle.

Also, it’s easy to install and will only take a few minutes to set up as long as it’s done by a professional. The instructions are easy and straightforward.

Another feature worth mentioning is the ability to track your vehicle’s movement and its location. Best of all, it does all these in real-time and accuracy.

You also get data if your car stops, and the events preceding the stall. Additionally, you can know the number of hours the driver takes from the point of departure to the destination.


  • Good value
  • High performance
  • Accurate
  • Clarity
  • High-resolution pictures
  • WIFI enabled


  • Expensive

VIOFO  A129 Duo IR Dual Dash Cam 

VIOFO  A129 Duo IR Dual Dash Cam 


  • GPS-enabled
  • Detects shocks
  • Real-time recording
  • Accuracy

When it comes to the quality of pictures, it depends on how strong the camera’s resolution is. With VIOFO, you can get the best pictures captured in front of your car and clear ones even during the night.

The device is remarkable when it comes to the clarity of pictures recorded, and it can do so in a wide range compared to other cameras.

This gadget records events before an impact and its aftermath promptly and with accuracy. You can know the exact time an event occurred and its cause.

Accordingly, it lets you know the exact location of your vehicle, the time, and when the vehicle is not in motion. This feature also allows you to monitor the speed your vehicle is moving at a particular time.

It can detect an imminent shock or impact, preserve the recording and lock it from possible deletion.

With the most modern power supply features, it can withstand high temperatures and is not likely to get damaged from hot sun rays.

Lastly, it’s easy and simple to install.


  • Good quality
  • High-resolution pictures
  • GPS Enabled
  • Wide Angle
  • Affordable
  • Good value
  • Easy installation


  • No WIFI
  • Single-channel

How To Choose The Best Dashcam For Your Car?

When looking for the best dash cam for cars it can be confusing finding the best one to suit your needs due to many brands and models supplying the same. Also, most devices have the same design and appearance; however, the devil is in the details when it comes to functionality. Below here, we dig into what to consider when shopping.

  • Wide Scope: First, you need a camera that can capture a wider area at the front and longer at the rear. The viewing area needs to be wide enough so that it captures everything within range.
  • Surveillance feature: A dash car cam is more than a luxury item since you can use it to create evidence in a defense where you have a collision. It can save you the cost of paying for damage since you can put a fierce defense to prove your innocence.
  • Sensors: The best dash cams should have strong sensors that can detect any violent shock to your car by ensuring the data is intact and in its original form. Some sophisticated devices ensure prompt recording in case of a collision. Hence, you get accurate data of the exact time the event took place.
  • Tracking ability: In recent times, the majority of car owners would like to install an advanced tracking system that can monitor, capture time, and detect idle time. If you’re looking for such a device, ensure it has a GPS tracking feature that allows for efficiency since it prevents the misuse of vehicles while on transit. It also facilitates your defense in case the driver is wrongly accused of a traffic offense. Also, it helps in monitoring so that your vehicle doesn’t transport unauthorized goods or persons. Lastly, it protects your goods against theft and helps in tracking the performance of your employees.

Where Is Dashcam Footage Stored?

The main reason for installing a dashcam in your car is to capture events as they happen in real-time. You can set it in front of the car or at the rear so that it doesn’t obstruct you.

After installation, the next thing is to capture the events which are stored in the micro-SD card.

A micro-SD card is a small item, just like a normal SIM card placed in a slot inside the camera. Every camera comes fitted with this card, which stores the entire footage.

You can retrieve the data from the card and transfer to an external data location such as the computer or laptop. When the card’s memory gets full, you can transfer the files via WIFI to an external device for future use.

Failure to offload the data may lead to new files overriding the old files, and hence there’s a risk of losing vital information. Therefore, it’s essential to buy a camera with more RAM or internal storage so that it doesn’t fill up quickly.

You can also access the footage by removing the SD card from the camera and running it over a card reader.

Therefore the best dash cam for cars should have sufficient memory for efficiency and reliability.

Different Types Of Dashcams

When shopping for a dashcam, you need to choose one that will meet your demand. There are different types of cams for cars, and each comes with various features and functionalities. In this review, we look at the single and dual dashcam. Keep reading.

Single Channel

A single-channel dash cam captures and records incidents occurring at the front of your car. The majority of car owners who opt for this option would like to capture the happening at the front of the vehicle. Notably, this camera doesn’t capture anything at the rear or even the sides.

It comes in a unique design such that you can only mount it on the front and not the rear and any attempt to set it up on the rear will not yield to real capture of events.

Hence, it’s recommended for mounting at the front just behind the rear-view mirror.

Although it may cost you less money, it may limit the events your capture at any time. In case of an accident, you may not have enough evidence of what was happening at the rear view of your car.


Unlike the single-channel camera that captures only the front area, a dual-channel captures the happening at the front and the rear of your car.

For a better view, you can place it at the front behind the rear-view mirror or the back, depending on your preference.

Instead of mounting two cameras on your vehicle, it makes economic sense to mount a dual channel. A lot of gadgets will cost you a lot in terms of the purchase cost and installation.

Most car owners prefer a dual-camera since it captures everything at the front and back. In the case of accidence, this will help you mount a good defense depending on your evidence.

Four Simple Ways To Install A Dashcam In Your Car

With poor installation skills, a new and pricey camera may not serve you as it should. Even a little knowledge about your car’s wiring system may be misleading. Below here, we look at the four simple ways to install a dashcam in your car.


Seek professional help

Installing a dashcam requires some level of expertise, and you may need a professional installer to do the job. In this way, your camera will perform as it should, and you’ll avoid unnecessary losses due to poor installation.

A professional has experience in handling different types of camera and their installation. He/she is conversant with wiring, and this should give you the confidence that the set-up will be up to the standard.

Also, professionals will advise you on the best cam for your car and the most reliable brands depending on your car’s make. In addition, if things don’t go as planned, they advise you to contact your car dealer on the way forward.


Check for ports, cables, and other connections

Before you buy a dashcam, it’s essential to check out the types of gadgets and devices for easier installation.

If your car has a car lighter, you can connect it while, on the other hand, you may use a USB port to connect to the camera.

In either way, the connection cable will not hang loosely and will not overcrowd the dashboard.

Luckily most dash cams come with long connector cables that can reach the rear area of your vehicle. It even works better if you have a dual camera that can capture the events at the front and rear of your vehicle.

A good and neat installation helps hide the wiring cable; also, it prevents the cable from hanging loosely inside the car.

Also, hanging cables are a big risk since there’s a chance of pulling them off accidentally which can interfere with your camera’s functionality.


 Battery life

Before installation, it’s essential to check on the battery life of your dashcam. A shorter life will not give you the best service, especially when driving for long.

You can connect it to your car’s internal battery, as this will ensure it continues functioning and captures all the data.

You only need to install it in a convenient location on your car and switch it on/off depending on your preference.


Connection to a fuse box

A car cam requires sufficient power supply so that it can run for many hours and reliability. It can be devastating if the camera goes off in the middle of recording an important event. Unfortunately, some cheap models have batteries with short lives and hence may not be reliable.

The good news is, you can also connect the cam to a fuse box, which guarantees there is enough power in the gadget.

With this method, the cam will activate automatically as soon as you start the ignition key.

This process is permanent and will save you the hustle of plugging it into your cars lighter or USB Port every time you plan for a journey.

Benefits Of Dashboard camera


Dash cams are essential devices that every car owner should own. They help in recording and monitoring events inside and outside your vehicle. They can be used when presenting evidence in case of an accident. In most cases, you can provide data to the police or insurer when filing for compensation.


A dash cam can be GPS enabled to monitor your car location and help you track your fleet and employee productivity. For instance, you can know the departure time and delivery time when transporting goods. When paying your staff, you can calculate the number of hours, which helps minimize time wastage.

Features To Look For When Buying A Dashcam

When shopping for a dashcam, these features will help you decide on the best product.

  • Recording

A dashcam should record and store the data for future use. The recording should be prompt upon ignition and override unnecessary data once the storage is full. A WIFI enabled dash cam will allow for easy transfer of data to another device like a memory card to free some storage space.

  • Obstacle detection

A good data cam should detect any obstacle ahead or at the rear, preventing or avoiding an impact. It can save your life and prevent damages to your car. This data should be well captured and stored and tagged for future reference.

  • GPS enabled

Once your data cam is GPS enabled, it will provide location and time data as well as GPS logs, which can help in capturing the speed.

  • Power bank

Ensure your dash cam can be connected to a power bank that allows for uninterrupted recording.

Dashcam Tips

These tips will help you reap the maximum benefits of your dashcam.

  • Ensure the dashcam is well-positioned to record the happenings from inside your vehicle and outside without obstruction. Notably, it should not obstruct your precise view, as this may prevent you from driving safely.
  • Choose a dashcam with a large memory since it will not fill up quickly. Also, this will prevent the new recordings from overriding the old files.
  • Choose a dashcam that can overwrite old recordings that you no longer need. A camera with WIFI features is even better since you can transfer the stored data to another device to free storage space.
  • Configure the gadget properly to ensure all the functions settings are installed for usage.
  • Ensure the windscreen and rear shield is always clear and clean to prevent blurred images captured by the dashcam.
  • Rather than connecting your dashcam to a lighter or USB Port, fix it to the car battery where you’re guaranteed constant power supply.
  • Ensure your data cam has a G-sensor that can detect an obstacle of sense a movement before an event.
  • Even with wiring skills, get a professional to install the gadget. It will help protect it’s value as well as ensure efficiency.

Frequently asked questions

How does a dash cam work?

A dashcam records events in real-time and then preserve for future use in original form. It can capture the happenings from outside your vehicle and inside. The data is stored in a micro-SD card, which you can retrieve from an external device such as a laptop.

How much does a dash cam cost?

The price depends on the type of dashcam and its features and is not specific. A device with more features may cost more than one with fewer features. A dual-channel would cost more than a single-channel dashcam as it has more functions.

Can a dash cam record sound?

Yes, it can record audio alongside a video capture. Different types of dash cams are equipped with microphones as well as speakers. It can also capture and store the sound of an impact or a person or object that moves closer to the vehicle.

Can a dash cam record speed of your vehicle?  

Recording of speed will depend on the features of the dashcam. With a GPS enabled feature, it is possible to record the speed at which the vehicle was moving at a particular time.

In this way, if your driver was over speeding at the time of the accident, you’ll know.

What is the difference between a single channel and a dual-channel dashcam?

There is a notable difference between a single and dual-channel in their functionalities.

A single-channel dash cam only records events in front of your car, whereas a dual-channel captures happenings both in front and rear of the vehicle.

How reliable is dashcam footage in insurance claims?

A dashcam records an event as it was and is specific on time. Therefore it can form the best defense in case of an accident.

It’s quite reliable due to accuracy and cannot be easily tampered with or changed. It’s accepted in evidence to support or defend insurance.


It is now clear what to expect of a dashcam, its uses, and benefits. From the tips, you’re enlightened on how best you can put this critical device to manage your driving and your staff. It also helps you avoid accidents ahead or at the rear through its G-sensor feature. The best dash car cams don’t have to cost a lot.

If you’re on a budget, you can find a reasonably priced device that will serve the intended purpose. Most importantly, get a professional installer to set up to capture events and store the data without any mishaps. Hopefully, you can now grab the best dash cams for cars on the market.

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