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List of top 5 Best Car Phone Mount for 2020

Have you ever received an urgent or emergency call while driving? It can be frustrating attempting to pick the call while ensuring you don’t lose focus and cause an accident. Your safety is a top priority behind the wheel.

That’s when a car phone mount becomes an essential item for all car owners. If you’re looking for the best car phone mount, it can be overwhelming deciding on what best suits you. The market is awash will all manner of products. However, we’ve made it easy for you. In our review, we have a detailed analysis of car phone holds, including the different models available. Keep reading.Best Car Phone Mount

What does car phone mount means?

A car phone mount is a device that you can use to hold your phone as you drive. As an important accessory, it offers a simple option for drivers to answer calls, get turning directions and use the voice assistant feature.  It’s a safe method for drivers as it lets you stay focused on the wheel while being able to attend to calls.

Car phone holders are different depending on your phone type. However, most are universal and can accommodate different models. Lastly, these devices are either magnetic or suction based which is necessary for set up. Their installation is easy and doesn’t require the use special tools or hardware.

Product Reviews


AUKEY Car Phone Mount

AUKEY Car Phone Mount


  • 360-degree viewing angle
  • Adjustable
  • Features a magnetic plate
  • Easy installation

Keeping your phone reachable as you drive will save you from an accident which can happen as you temporarily lose focus to reach it.

A phone mount lets you view your phone and even answer the calls without using your hand. We recommend the Aukey as the best car phone mount which is a sturdy and smart option to hold your phone on the dashboard.

This phone mount has a reliable and strong adhesion suction cup that firmly sticks on the dash or windscreen.

It’s easy to mount, and the 90-degree adjustable arm ensures your phone doesn’t block your view.

With the 360-degree ball joint motion, you can move it with ease to give you the most convenient viewing angle.

Installation is easy since it doesn’t require the use of any tools or hardware. Simply stick the magnetic plate to the back of your phone and then attach the phone to the mounts arm.

Lastly, it’s a universal product which is compatible with many phone types in the market.


  • Easy to mount
  • Strong
  • Good quality
  • Rotatable
  • Affordable
  • Universal


  • The magnetic plate prevents charging of the phone when it’s mounted.

BEAM ELECTRONICS  Car Air Vent Mount Holder

BEAM ELECTRONICS  Car Air Vent Mount Holder


  • 360-degree rotation for best viewing
  • Compatibility with many phone types
  • Universal and can be mounted on any surface.
  • Quick-release button to insert and remove the phone easily
  • Easy to install without the use of tools
  • One year warranty

If you are looking for a phone mount that can accommodate all sizes of cell phones, then choose Beam electronic mount which fits this description.

This mount can hold phones ranging from 1.9 to 3.7 inches in width. It features quick-release button technology for easy insert and removal of the phone.

You can mount it to hold your phone in horizontal or vertical position though it is not advisable to use the mount on circular vents.

The device is universal and can be mounted even on desktop and is adaptable with small and large phones.

It is simple and superior in quality and can withstand all weather conditions. It’s a safe option and doesn’t loosen even when driving on a rough road.

The interior is well-padded to keep your phone safe and scratch-free.

This mount is easy to use and can rotate at 360 degrees angle. Therefore, you can adjust the side grips to match with phone size.

Overall, the mount is small and you can fit it on the dashboard without cluttering your space. Hence, this keeps the windshield free from obstruction.


  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Universal
  • Easy to install
  • Quick release


  • Restricts the phone to be either vertical or horizontal position despite being 360 degrees rotatable

IOTTIE car phone mount holder

IOTTIE car phone mount holder


  • Adjustable viewing with telescopic arm
  • Universally designed to hold varying smartphones sizes
  • Easy one-touch lock and release mechanism for easy removal and safety
  • Suction cup available
  • Adjustable bottom foot

A stable and strong phone mount is all you need to keep your mobile phone safe, neatly placed, and within reach any time you’re on the steering wheel or working in the office.

You can consider the IOTTIE phone mount which is a universal smartphone solution. It comes with a one-touch mechanism for easy mount and removing your phone when necessary.

The mounting foot is adjustable sideways, up or down, which increases your flexibility when reaching for your phone. Also, it can accommodate smartphones of all sizes with or without phone cases.

Restoration of the suction cup is an easy affair since you can use warm water and air to dry.

This phone mount is universal and can hold phones of 2.3 to 3.5 inches in width with or without cases.

You can mount it on the dashboard, desktop or windshield to suit your preference.


  • Has a strong reusable suction cup that is easy to clean and reuse
  • Durable
  • Universal
  • Easy to mount
  • Smart
  • Good quality


  • Expensive

MPOW car phone mount

MPOW car phone mount


  • Strong sticky suction pad
  • Extendable and lockable arm
  • 360 degree rotatable for convenience and setup.
  • Cushioned surface

Your smartphone is a valuable investment, and hence it deserves a smart and executive mount to match your style.

We recommend the Mpow phone mount, which is an elegant option that will appear smart on the dashboard or desktop as you concentrate on other activities.

You can mount this device on the dashboard or on the desktop where you can have a good view of your phone or when listening to music. It has an adjustable viewing angle rotatable at 360 degrees for convenience.

The extendable arm enables you to set it up to the reachable distance. The anti-fall design ensures your phone is securely protected from falling in the process of extending the arm.

This mount has a strong, reusable suction cup which you can remove and move it to another location of your choice without damaging the mount.

The cup is coated with sticky gel which prevents air gaps and holds securely on the desk surface or dashboard and is easy to clean.

It’s a universal product that is compatible with many smartphones with width ranging from 1.8 to 3.7 inches. The rest surface of the phone is padded to ensure your phone is not scratched.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Universal
  • Affordable
  • Smart
  • Easy to mount
  • Adjustable
  • Cushioned to ensure no scratch occurs to your phone.


  • Cannot stick on the windshield in hot summer or on leather surfaces

SCOSCHE MAGDMB MagicMount Universal Magnetic Mount Holder

SCOSCHE MAGDMB Magic Mount Universal Magnetic Mount Holder


  • Magnetic mount for a firm grip
  • Versatile and compatible with many smartphones
  • 360 degrees adjustable head for better viewing
  • Rubber lock
  • Perfect design with a cable clip to secure charging cable
  • Warranty of 3 years
  • Versatility
  • Comes packed with all components and accessories

Your phone has a guarantee of safety even in extreme cold or hot summer by choosing a phone mount that can withstand all weather. Such an option should be sturdy enough to hold your phone even as you drive on a rough road. The SCOSCHE phone mount fits all these descriptions.

It is strong, and you can mount it anywhere using automobile grade adhesive. It can fit in a variety of surfaces and ensures your phone is safe at all times.

The mount can tilt to 360 degrees for your flexibility. It features a soft touch rubber lock to enable your desired viewing position.

It has a cable clip for changing cable with a cradle-free design suitable for one-handed use.

Lastly, SCOSCHE is a versatile product which is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones.


  • Strong adhesion
  • Durable
  • Easy to mount
  • Affordable
  • Secure
  • Versatile


  • The magnetic plate may prevent you from charging when the phone is placed on the mount.

Different types of car phone mounts

Since your phone is your companion, it’s no secret that you’ll move with it everywhere you go. For this reason, you need a holder mount where you can place it safely insider your vehicle.

There are different types of phone mount, and each model differs depending on the car’s model. Each type also varies depending on where you want to install. Whether it’s the dashboard or the windshield or the AC vent, there’s a mount for every part.

Hence, car phone holders come in different categories depending on where you want to place them in your car. In our review, we shall explore the three common types you’re likely to encounter as you shop.

Vent/ AC mount

As the name suggests a car phone holder vent or an AC mount is installed to the ventilator or air conditioner. You can insulate your mount with rubber to protect your phone and car from effects of high temperature.

Windscreen mount

A windscreen mount is attached to your windscreen using some suction or force. This device is the most convenient since it helps in freeing your hands and encourages safe driving behind the steering wheel.


phone holder for car dashboard is placed on the dashboard close to your view as you ride your car. The dash mount can be magnetic or spring so that it holds your mobile-phone in place without the risk of dropping down.

Most drivers prefer the dash phone mount since it doesn’t interfere with the clear view of the windscreen. Also, it’s within reach, and you can also pick your phone when a call/notification comes through.

Why do you need mobile phone mount in your car?

When driving, safety is a top priority and being safe behind the wheel is indeed a lifesaver. For this reason, your phone shouldn’t distract you when driving. In most jurisdictions, driving when holding your phone can land you in trouble with law enforcers.

A phone mount is also convenient because you can attend to your calls easily by putting your phone speaker on and hence; the mount keeps your phone within reach.

With a phone holder for car dashboard you can attend to emergencies since you can mount at a specific place within reach.

For entertainment purposes, you can listen to music from your phone, making your ride enjoyable.

The method and place of attaching the mount in the car?

In this discussion, we shall look at the different methods of installing a phone mount depending on the type.

Attaching the mount on your windscreen

  • Before fixing the mount on the windshield clean it first. Dust and particles may affect the installation.
  • Carefully place the suction cup where you want it and lock the cap properly to prevent it from loosening.  Remember the suction cup will not stay there forever, it wears out with time, and once you remove it from your screen, it will leave a mark. Avoid scratching it out with a sharp object.
  • You can gently remove with a plastic knife after applying a little detergent or dental floss.

Placing your mount on the dash board

  • Clean the surface thoroughly to eliminate dust and ensure it is smooth.
  • Place the sticky suction cup on the cleaned area. Ensure it is firm; otherwise, your phone might come crashing down as your ride.

Placing your phone on the air vent

  • You can use a magnetic mount and place it on your car vent. Start by placing a magnetic cover on your phone so that it is easily placed on the vent.

Placing your phone on the CD slot

  • It is most preferred by many compared to the vent mount because at the CD slot there are no high temperatures that may tamper with your phone functionality.
  • If your car is the old model with a CD slot, you can place your phone mount there. The advantage is that it’s within reach and the mounts are easy to install.
  • Start by cleaning the surface well to get rid of dust and other debris. A phone mount comes with nuts that you can use for installing and ensuring holds firmly on the surface.
  • Lastly, ensure that the phone mount has a rubber cover to prevent it from overheating the phone.

Is this phone holder strong enough to hold your phone ?

When shopping for a phone mount, ensure you get a sturdy option that will not damage your phone. Also, it’s installation should be easy and straightforward. Luckily most phone holders come with a user manual to ensure you have a hassle-free process. Also, consider the size of your phone before purchasing a holder.

On the same note, magnetic holders are the best options and are strong enough to hold your phone without it falling. The suction holders are also safe, but you need to keep checking because, with time, they are likely to loosen. Most of the holders have options for changing orientation to what fits your view.

Benefits of using phone holder in your car

These tips will help you reap the maximum benefits of your dash cam.

  • Phone mounts are safe options to hold your phone so that your hands are free to hold the steering wheel.
  • Phone mounts ensure a quick view without distracting your focus. However, it depends on where you install them; for instance; a dashboard phone holder will not distract your view.
  • The advantage of car phone holders is that you can place your phone anywhere in the car, depending on your comfort requirements. For instance, you can place on the CD slot, dashboard or vent.

Features you should look before buying a car mount holder


Some people prefer multi functional uses of gadgets. You can choose a holder that you can place your phone, listen to music and also charge the phone with.  It should not cover the charging slot; otherwise, your phone might go off when you are waiting for an urgent call, yet you are unable to charge.


Your phone should be able to fit on the holder. You might want to settle on one that can be adjusted according to the size of your phone.

Safety of your phone

If you are to use a vent holder ensure it has a rubber cover to prevent your phone from heating.  Many people have a fear that magnetic holders might spoil, however, there’s no evidence to the misconception.

Types of phone attachments: Cradle and magnetic



What crosses your mind when you hear of the word cradle? It simply means holding gently and carefully with tenderness. A cradle holder holds your phone with tender care while ensuring it does not drop.

You can place the cradle on the windscreen, dashboard or air vent where you can easily reach it. This cradle comes with features like rotating angles that give it the flexibility to make your view comfortable. Most of them do not interfere with the functionality of your vehicle and use suction or adhesive to attach.



Magnetic holders are the most common and use small magnetics to hold the phone. Some models are advanced and feature a wireless charging that will not affect your phone battery.

Things to consider when buying car phone mount


Most mounts are pocket friendly and affordable. You might want to consider buying a slightly costly one depending on the features it holds.


Some car phone holders have more features than others depending on the cost and the phones they’re supposed to hold. For instance, a car phone holder for iPhone may be different from the regular ones on the market.


The holder should hold your phone firmly without wobbling or dropping. A magnetic holder is more resilient as compared to a suction holder. After prolonged use, a suction holder may become weak and subsequently risks dropping your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need a car phone mount?

Car phone holders are essential because not only do they keep you focused on the road, but they also hold your phone in a proper position for ease of access. Phone mounts give you a quick view and ensure your hands are free to do the driving.

Which type of car phone mount is the best?

Majority of the people prefer the windscreen mount because of its closer view, yet others go for magnetic type. Your comfort matters, although the mount on the screen might distract your front view. Whichever the type, you might want to consider the one that best suits your phone and is durable.

What are the features of a good phone mount?

When you want to buy a car phone mount, you need to consider things like how well the suction and adhesive can hold your phone. Remember, some phones may be slightly heavier than others. If you want to put your mount on the air vent, you might want to consider the one that is rubber insulated options.

How do I install a phone mount securely?

The most important thing is to ensure the surface you want to mount is clean so that it clings firmly. Most of the mounts have a strong adhesive that can hold any phone model. You will find a manual showing you how to use it.

Which part of the car is best for mounting?

You can mount a phone holder anywhere you on your car. Consider placing it where there will not distract your view. Whether you place it on the windshield, dashboard, air vent or CD player as long as there is a proper view, it is yours to choose.

Do magnetic car mounts affect your phone?

It is unlikely that the magnets will affect your phone. If properly placed, they do not interfere with your phone system and charging.

They are easy to use too and do not affect your phone memory. The only problem could be that they may affect your compass reading.


Car phone holders are essential items that every car owner must possess. They give you the freedom to drive and attend to your calls at the same time. With these devices, you’re not likely to lose focus on the road, and this boosts your safety.

As we have seen in the review, the best car phone mount comes in excellent design; it’s easy to install and is a study option that will hold your phone firmly. When shopping, the best product should give you value for money.  Also, you can get a device that is small-sized so that it doesn’t overcrowd your dashboard or the vent.

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