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The top 5 Best Car Battery to buy in 2020

What would the world be without batteries? Everything would be on a standstill. Right? Since there are no innovations as yet, batteries are here to stay. Well, until we find their replacements. What is a car battery, and how does it work? Those are some of the questions we’ll answer in our comprehensive guide.

If you’re looking for the best car battery, you don’t have to scroll through endless online pages. Worst yet, pop into any car dealer and accessories out there. We’ve made the selection for you. Our products are carefully picked from big brands. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the discussion.

What exactly does a car battery mean?

A battery is a small component of your vehicle; however, despite the sleek size, it’s a powerful product that every car must-have. A battery is mounted inside the car by a professional installer. However, every driver needs to have these skills in case of an emergency.

As an essential component of an automobile, it offers electric power to electrical parts of your car. In simple words, a battery is the heart of every vehicle and without it, then your car won’t start.

Inside the battery, there are cells that convert chemical energy into electricity. Normally, when this happens, there will be a chemical reaction, which then produces power that propels the car to move.

What does the battery in a car do?

Majority of car batteries use lead acid which is the main component. This is a solution which causes the cells to have a chemical reaction and get your car to move and operate normally.

When electricity is supplied to your car through the cells, you can enjoy using important devices such as the radio, which will keep you entertained in your journey. Additionally, it ignites the car’s light and wipers while setting your car into motion.

The battery puts your engine into action, making it bubble with life with the help of an alternator. It keeps your car energy for a startup for the next time you want to take a ride.

It acts as the storage of chemical material to be converted to electrical energy needed by the car to start. There is no need to worry when your car produces a sound when you ignite the engine. Failure to produce the sound could mean that there’s less energy to make it run.



Odyssey PC680 Battery

Best car battery


  • Two years limited warranty
  • A lifespan of up to ten years
  • 70% cycle life above conventional batteries.
  • High and stable voltage
  • Recharge speed of 4 – 6 hours
  • Non-spillage
  • Vibration-resistant
  • Heat tolerance

Vibration in any automobile or engine running vessel or aircraft is likely to damage your battery and shorten its life. Therefore, it is essential to choose a battery that can withstand all this, and Odyssey is precisely the product fitting such descriptions and is the best car battery in our review.

This battery is suitable for land machines, sea and snow, and also aircraft, which have vibrating engines. It’s built with high-quality lead plates with non-spillage design; the battery is protected against shock or vibration that generally destroys the battery if the machine is in motion.

It’s powerful and lasts longer than conventional batteries. The lead material plates are high quality and allow for recycling since the acid does not spillover.

All materials used in this battery are of high conductivity, and the terminals are made of corrosion-resistant metal.

Lastly, it comes in a lightweight design and you’ll have trouble lifting it up.


  • Long-life battery that will give you value for money
  • Vibration resistant
  • High quality and durable
  • Powerful and highly efficient
  • Quick recharge
  • Lightweight design


  • Not a budget option for many people looking to spend less

OPTIMA Battery

OPTIMA Battery


  • Voltage – 12 volts
  • Starting power – excellent even in bad weathe
  • Case material – polypropylene
  • Vibration resistance – perfect and durable

If you are looking for a battery with unique spiral winding lead plates distinct from traditional flat plated batteries, you have a choice to select OPTIMA. This unit features all the tweaks you’d want in a modern battery.

We like the quality of this battery, which scores high points as far as maintenance and performance are concerned.

Although it comes at a high price tag, it has all the features you’d need in one product. Notably, it can tolerate heat and humidity thanks to its ability to monitor changes in temperatures. Hence, this minimizes loss of value and protects its lifespan.

Even better, it can deliver exceptional performance even in extremely harsh weather. Additionally, it can withstand vibration 16 times better than a conventional battery.

The exterior is made of heavy-duty plastic that is durable and rust-free. It’s leak-proof and has high start ability. Also, it’s safe and environmentally friendly.

Overall, OPTIMA is a powerful battery that will meet all your needs.


  • Powerful with good performance
  • Good value and long-lasting
  • Can withstand the effects of weather changes
  • Safe to use
  • Can withstand vibrations


  • Expensive

ACDelco 48AGM Battery

ACDelco 48AGM Battery


  • Improved performance from a high-density negative paste
  • Long-life battery
  • Long warranty of 3 years
  • Improved acid circulation
  • No leakage or spillage
  • Voltage – 12 volts

It can be frustrating using a battery that has no guarantee of longevity and reliability. Without a doubt, a battery that can’t start your car upon ignition can lead to a very embarrassing situation.

With ACDelco battery, you’re sure of good quality and money-back guarantee. This battery is 100% leakage and spillage proof, which is good news for most car owners.

The materials are of high quality, and this increases their life span. With 36 months free replacement period, this is an assurance that you can’t lose your money due to problems with the battery and would like to have it replaced.

All the parts used in the manufacture of this battery are original, genuine, and are of a high standard and great value.

Accordingly, the acid circulation is perfect, which helps the battery remain cool and prolong its life.

Lastly, the makers (General Motors) of this battery are world-renowned for professionalism and provision of high quality and original products.


  • Original and genuine parts
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Warranty
  • High performance
  • Easy to install
  • Strong


  • Expensive




  • Weight – 16 lbs
  • Vehicle service type – motorcycles, personal watercraft, and all-terrain vehicles
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Voltage-12 volts and 252 watts
  • Dimensions – 8.07 x 3.42 x 6.37 inches
  • Other features – leakage-free, sealed design for corrosion prevention
  • Durability – long life span

A battery in a motor vehicle is the nerve center of its electrical system. Without a good battery, your car may stall, which can put your risk on a busy highway. Hence, it’s essential to get a brand that you can trust to ensure your safety while on the road. Powerstar battery has come with a solution to solve your problems.

This battery is designed with the utmost care to ensure there are no leakages on all the terminals, which can affect its performance.

The glass fiber separator stops electrolytes from escaping, and this ensures a sufficient amount is released. It also prevents any spillover.

Another thing to note is that the battery is stable and reliable. Besides, it can withstand vibration and shock that affects the efficiency and life of the battery.

It has a long life and can work in numerous automobiles, watercraft, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles.

Lastly, it’s lightweight and easy to install.


  • Long life
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Good quality
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable


  • Expensive

DieHard  BatteryDieHard  Battery



  • Vibration protection
  • Two cycle lives
  • Spill-proof design
  • Optimized positive and negative plates
  • Dimensions – 13.9 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Voltage – 12 volts

Do you need to replace your car battery with a more durable, reliable and superior quality battery? We recommend the Diehard brand that comes packed with all the features.

This battery is a top-contender and will not make your journey abort under any circumstances. It’s suitable for cruising terrains without fear of being affected by vibration.

It’s a versatile battery ideal for marine, truckers, and all vehicles, including off-road vehicles, watercraft, and any car that undergo vigorous vibration.

We love the external cover, which is heat-sealed and tamper-resistant, to protect internal components. Moreover, it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The battery boasts longer life, 20 times resistance protection, and twice the cycle of life more than a regular battery. Even better the plates are highly optimized to minimize shorts.

A 3-year replacement warranty is available and free maintenance within this period.


  • Good quality with two cycle lives
  • Vibration protection is twenty times more than ordinary batteries
  • Safe to use and will not cause shorts
  • Long life
  • Powerful
  • Good value
  • Easy to install


  • Expensive

Types/varieties of car batteries

The following are types of batteries.

a) Lead-acid battery

Lead-acid is also known as flooded-battery. Many people go for it because it is cheaper compared to the recent models of batteries. The only challenge it has is that it has low energy. It is rechargeable and has lead-acid, which is stored up as liquid.

b) SLI batteries

SLI is an acronym for Starting/ Lighting/Ignition. As the name suggests, these batteries start your engine, light your car, and turn on the car radio. Most of the batteries in the market are SLI.

This type has the nominal capacity, also known as rated capacity, which is the storage section that determines the amount of energy it stores. It can be removed from it when it is fully charged and is a predictable current that does not fluctuate.

c) Deep-cycle battery

These types of batteries can be recharged and discharged while maintaining quality. They provide a decent amount of current for long term use. Before using this type of battery, it is essential to know if it has the strength to start your car engine.

To determine if the power is sufficient, you can use CCA or the Cold Crank Amps rating, which helps define the ability of a battery to start the car engine, especially in cold temperatures.

d) Lithium-ion battery

It’s also known as a Li-on battery and is a rechargeable battery mostly used by electric vehicles. It has a high voltage and requires a protective circuit. They are charged in cooler temperatures; hence it’s advisable to avoid charging it in high temperatures as it would quickly destroy it.

How does a car battery work?

As seen earlier, in a car battery, the cells cause a chemical reaction to produce electrical power. Subsequently, your car’s engine receives this energy and can start the car. Therefore, a battery is a key part of your vehicle and without it, the car won’t move one bit.

Normally, your car battery has a total of two volts, and this works together to provide enough energy for the engine to start. The cells have plates that are immersed in a lead substance. After immersion, the plates move, and the next action is to activate the liquid in a powerful process that converts the chemical to electric energy.

Should the battery fail to charge, you can use the terminals and connector cables to jump start your vehicle. When you take a close look at your battery, you’ll notice cone-shaped devices mounted onto your car battery.

Those are terminals and are either positive or negative. Some caution is needed, and you should always connect the positive, which is red first because if you start with the negative, which is black, you will be part of the circuit, especially if you are touching any metal part of the car. It’s dangerous and can harm you.

Ways in which you can take care of your car batteries

Below here are the benefits of installing a remote starter for your vehicle.

  • It’s important to avoid parking your car for long without starting it as it can make the battery fail to charge fully. Drive your vehicle regularly and for long-distance so that it is fully charged. Make sure it is correctly charged for better performance.
  • Ensure your car lights are turned off when not in use because they take a toll on your battery.
  • If you are not riding the car, try and avoid using your radio or charging your phone because it will waste your battery functionality.
  • Clean the battery terminals because they are likely to rust with time, causing them not to function correctly. You can polish it with a soft brush. Also, make sure they are well placed the positive and the negative.
  • Just like your body needs a check-up now and then even if you are not sick, so does your battery. Keep a good look at it and other vehicle parts so that it gives you longer service.

Battery life and how to improve it?

  • A good battery can serve you between 2 to 7 years; depending on how well you take care of it and how often you use your car. Exposure to extreme heat conditions spoils the battery. If you can, do not expose it to direct sunlight.
  • On the other hand, too much cold is not good for your battery. You might consider wrapping it with a warm cloth to prevent damage.
  • Your battery should be firmly fitted to avoid vibrations, especially if you are riding on a rough road. The hold-down bar should be tightly fixed so that the battery does not shake too much. Look for leakages because if there is, your battery will not work as expected, and it will likely wear out fast.  Read more: ways to prolong the life of your car battery

Are car batteries bad for the environment?

As discussed earlier in our review, batteries contain toxins that produce chemical reactions for a car to start. A battery is not a recyclable product, and when decomposing, it releases the chemicals.

Therefore, if you dispose of a battery wrongfully, it will produce greenhouse gases that affect the climate. The harmful chemicals are transported to water bodies like rivers and lakes by rainwater.

Although batteries are essential and make your car to move, they are a necessary evil. It means that people need them yet; they are bad for the environment. Hence there’s a need for a proper and sustainable disposal system that protects the environment.

Although they pollute the environment, the electric batteries are less harmful than the combustion-engine ones. They are specially designed so that they provide a safe pathway that minimizes the emission of greenhouse gases. Hence, if you care about environment conversation, consider the electric options as they are safer.

Main features of a car battery

These are the components of a car battery


Hard plastic container

It’s the outer shell of the battery, which holds the battery acid solution.



There are two types of plates in a battery, positive and negative. A positive battery plate contains a metal grid with lead dioxide active material. The plates are connected at the top by a cast-on strap fixed to the plates to help the elements fit correctly in the individual cells of a battery.


Plate separators

They are made of porous material that provides an efficient flow of electrical current and prevention of short circuits.



It’s a specific mixture of sulfuric acid and water, commonly referred to as battery acid and it promotes the movement of ions from the cathode to anode.



The terminals are connected to the positive strap and the negative strap of the end cells and are the interfacing points linking the battery and the vehicle’s electrical system.


Battery’s lid

The lid is made of polypropylene resin and is sealed to the battery case.


Battery case

It is a case made of a polypropylene resin material that holds the plates cast on straps and electrolytes to minimize vibration impact and make the battery last longer.



It’s the lead oxide which creates lead dioxide and sponge lead

Other considerations

Before you shop for a car battery, you need to know what option is right for your car since not every type might work for your vehicle. When your battery light is a warning or its leaking, it’s time to buy a new one. You wouldn’t want to wake up one day and fail to run your errands for the simple reason that your car can’t start.

Unfortunately, there are too many car battery types on the market, and it can overwhelm you, deciding on what will work for you. There are many things to consider, such as quality and reliability. However, sometimes looks can be deceiving, and the smartest battery might not last for even a month. There is some misconception that a high-quality battery should cost you a lot. But hey! Don’t break the bank for this. Consider the top brands since you might find cheaper options that will give you value.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

How does a car battery work?

Batteries have cells with plates that immerse into lead-acid. When this happens, there’s a chemical reaction that converts the chemical energy into electric energy. This energy is transported to the electric parts of the vehicle, such as the engine. When this happens, your car can now start.

Why does my car battery leak?

Inside your car battery, there is lead-acid, which activates the vehicle’s electric components. This acid leaks through the caps, which are mounted on the top side. A battery can leak due to overcharging. Also, when it’s freezing, a car battery will leak.

Can I stop my car battery from leaking?

Note, only repair a tiny leak as a temporary solution before replacing it with a new one. You’ll need baking soda and clean water to clean the corrosion. Mix the two ingredients and leave the battery to dry. Next, apply a priming solution to the leaking area.

Which is the best battery for my car?

The best battery is the one that will give you value. Price aside, there are many things to take into account when shopping for a car battery. First, go for tested brands that are a sure guarantee of quality and reliability. Also, pick an option that is likely to deliver a long-lasting and outstanding service.

How can I awake a dead battery?

You need a jump starter to bring a dead battery back to life. This device is essential, but there must be another vehicle within the proximity to help you jump start. Another option is to add distilled water to increase the lead-acid level and fully submerge the plates.

Is there harm in using a small car battery?

No. It’s okay for small to medium-sized vehicles. The size doesn’t matter as long as you install it in the right way. Ensure the terminals are matching, and your car can start. However, by virtue of the small size, they may not be sufficient to turn on big machines’ engines.


From our review, car batteries are essential components of any vehicle but require proper care and maintenance to give you value and long-lasting service. In the discussion, we dived into how a car battery works and what is needed to start a car. With so many brands, it can be confusing picking a product that will suit your needs. However, the best car battery should give you value for money besides being reliable while driving. Installation doesn’t have to be rocket science, and these skills are necessary lest you get caught up in an area with no help in sight.

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